Primary School

The donkeys love children and children love donkeys!

We deliver an interesting talk on donkeys followed by a meet and greet session with our very own four-legged friends.

Suggest something new for the pupils!

Secondary School

Some teenagers think they're too cool for donkeys but, when they set their reputation aside you can see a bond start to form.

During exam season the donkeys can provide a much needed respite from the stress.

Invite them to your school and deliver the pupils a mental boost!

Storytime with Donkeys

Join our new initiative, Storytime with Donkeys!

It has been found that reading to animals increases children's literacy skills, they feel less anxiety and judgement when speaking to our furry friends.

During the pandemic we began uploading videos of children's books being read to the donks and people loved it! Both young and old. We want to bring this to you and your little bookworms.

Watch our YouTube Videos -

Learning at Any Age

We can present to groups and clubs too

We can also come to Mothers Union groups, breakfast and coffee clubs and anything else you are part of.

Want to book us? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.