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Donkey Visits

Care Homes, Day Centres & Parties

We are a passionate team dedicated to bringing smiles and creating unforgettable memories through the magical presence of our delightful donkeys. Whether you're hosting a party, visiting a care home, or organizing a gathering at a day centre, our charming donkeys are here to add a touch of fun.

For care homes seeking to enrich the lives of their residents, our donkeys become treasured visitors, sparking conversations and evoking nostalgic memories. The therapeutic benefits of interacting with these beautiful animals are boundless, as they offer comfort, reduce stress, and provide a source of happiness to all who meet them.

At day centers, our donkeys bring a sense of joy and fulfillment to individuals seeking social engagement and stimulation. Their presence creates a delightful atmosphere, encouraging laughter and fostering a sense of community. Our team ensures that everyone feels included and has the opportunity to experience the wonder of connecting with these lovable creatures.

For those special occasions and celebrations, our donkeys become the life of the party, bringing an element of surprise and delight to guests of all ages. Picture the smiles on children's faces as they interact with our adorable four-legged friends, petting and brushing them with pure delight. The donkeys' playful antics and gentle nature will leave a lasting impression on everyone, making your event truly memorable.

With our experienced and caring handlers, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our donkeys at all times. We adhere to strict animal welfare, ensuring that our furry friends receive the utmost care and attention. We are fully insured providing you with peace of mind knowing that every aspect of our service is handled professionally and responsibly.

So, whether you're planning an uplifting visit to a care home, an engaging day center experience, or a lively party, let our enchanting donkeys be the heartwarming addition that brings smiles and joy to all. Contact us today to create unforgettable moments and let the magic unfold!

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All prices depend on location, time required and services provided

Rates begin at £115 for an hour's visit

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