Frequently asked questions

Are we a sanctuary?

In short, no, we are not. Although we would not leave a donkey or other animal in need if we can help it. We are a family run business; postively promoting the donkey as useful in the modern world through therapy visits and much more.

Are donkeys stubborn?

Donkeys are intelligent creatures and will not intentionally put themselves in harm's way. In a "fight or flight" situation they will not immediately run as a horse would, instead opting to assess the situation and respond accordingly. The time they take to process a problem is often seen as stubborness but, with patience and trust in you the donkey can do everything that is asked of him. For example, not crossing a puddle: the donkey may stop and refuse to be pulled through it. It is not out of spite but, instead he is deciding if it is safe for him to do so.

Are you open for visitors?

We are not like a typical open farm with daily visiting hours, you can however, book in a for session to walk the donkeys or for a cuddle! Go to our Book Us page and pick a date!

What can donkeys do?

Donkeys can be used for all sorts, originally bred to be beasts of burden they are strong and sure footed. They also have kind and gentle natures, making them perfect for therapy. We use them to promote the species in a good light by having them do everything and anything they are comfortable with. -Historical re-enactments -Therapy -Filmwork -Charity Fundraising -Carriage Driving -Ploughing -Photoshoots -Show Displays and still more to be thought of.

Do you take volunteers?

At the moment we are not looking for any volunteers! However if you are interested drop us an email at and we'll keep you on file if any positions come up.

Do you have donkeys for sale?

We do not sell our donkeys although, we can help you begin your donkey-owning journey by offering advice and guidance on donkey care and if you want help training them, certainly send a message!