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Living crib? What’s that?

A 'living crib' is your standard nativity scene but brought to life! They were first popularised in the 13th Century by St Francis of Assisi and they typically contained an ox, a donkey, and then people to portray the angel, shepherds, Mary and Joseph. Our nativity scene at St. Mary's Church on Chapel Lane (Belfast), included; two/three donkeys, two sheep and a goat. We went in and out of Belfast City Centre everyday for a month to the church. One thing about having so many donkeys is that we could swap them out with another so no one got tired of the gawking Christmas Shoppers! The reason for doing the crib was to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ and also to raise money for charity (Tuesday's Child). It was situated at the back of CastleCourt, and was a lovely juxtaposition from the busy, frantic shopping centre, where people could stroke the animals, or simply sit on a hay bale to rest their tired feet. The crib also gave respite to some of the homeless of Belfast. It was somewhere warm and safe where they could have a good chat and enjoy the animals. One girl we met who was living on the streets of Belfast was the first in every morning, and the last to leave at night because she enjoyed the donkeys so much. It was so lovely to meet her and know the comfort we brought. Pongo and the two pygmy goats were the biggest hits this year, and are also our most recent additions! This is our second year at the St Mary's Crib, and we hope not the last. Thank you so much to everyone who visited and we'll see you next year. Hee-Haw!!! Lots of love,

Kinedale Crew xxx

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