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Do donkeys kick?

This is probably our most asked question when someone meets the donkeys so I thought I would elaborate in a blog.

Now we’ve seen our donkeys play-fight and when they kick each other they put power behind it!


We wouldn’t bring our donkeys out especially among children if we thought for a minute they would kick someone. There are donkeys that we trust completely that some of you will have met; Denis, Tinkerbell, Luna and Peanut. Then there are donkeys like Treacle (who has never kicked) but we couldn’t honestly say that he is 100% safe.

You’ve probably heard ‘never stand behind a donkey’ which is sound advice, but as long as the donkey knows that you are behind them they won’t kick you. Our advice is to talk to your donkey and touch them on their side as you go round them! They can’t see directly behind them so they just get scared. The donkeys that we have bred, we get them used to us touching their back legs and lifting their legs as a foal. This makes it easier to trim their hooves later on as they know that they have nothing to be afraid of! Donkeys that come to us older, such as Meg take a lot longer to be comfortable with us. To train Meg, when we brushed her we brushed further and further down her legs each time, slowly building her confidence.

Hope this helps!

Kinedale Crew x

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