Most people spend New Year’s Day siting on the sofa, nursing their sore heads and finishing off their Christmas sweets. We do things differently at Kinedale! Here’s what we got up to…

As the sun rose on the first day of the year, so did we! We spent the previous night deciding which of our twenty-five donkeys were suitable; Dougal doesn't like sand so he was out, Oberon and Treacle take up too much room and we didn’t think we would ever get Meg back if she decided to go for a swim and poor Tinkerbell needed a break after being our most requested Christmas donkey! So we chose seven donkeys we knew would enjoy our walk just as much as we would. The two-legged and four legged had their breakfast – and off we went!

It was a beautiful winding drive to Cloughey on a fresh, crisp and bright morning and we made good time with hardly any traffic! We had made a Facebook post inviting anyone who wanted to join us at 12pm was more than welcome to, but we didn’t really expect anyone to come. We were pleasantly surprised that when we set off on our walk we had over forty people and every donkey was spoken for (as were the goats!). We were led by Pablo and his handler Suzi of Truesdale Donkeys, as this is his hometown and he was happy to show off the seven tourist donkeys who’d never been on his beach! We were quite a sight to behold, some bemused dog walkers thinking they were seeing things when a herd of donkeys, goats, dogs and even a Shetland pony trundled past.

Even though most of us didn’t know each other, the animals brought everyone together! Some people had experience with donks and some none at all, so it was fun to teach people about the animals we love so much. Some people couldn’t believe the shine on Pablo’s coat – who knew a donkey could be so shiny and sleek, especially in winter! Only Holly the Shetland went for a dip in the waters and then for a roll, the donkeys having never seen the ocean wouldn’t even dip a hoof in… in their defence it was very chilly.

This event was Mumford’s first outside his own yard. He made it onto the beach but his little legs couldn’t keep up (he is only six months after all!) so he did just half the walk and he went back with mummy for a drink. The group who did the whole walk soon joined him and we tucked into to some sandwiches, cake, tea and coffee, courtesy of Amanda and her Rangie boot cafe!

Thank you to everyone who came, old friends and new, you guys made it such a fun event to host and we can’t wait to do the same thing again next year. Hee-Haw! Robert and Becky xxx

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