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What is Equine Therapy?

We all face times in life were we struggle, at all ages. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help, we may convince ourselves we are strong enough to go through it alone or that it is only a phase. 

A big part of our silence is because we worry that others will judge us.

This is were the donkey comes in, unlike people, they do not judge.

Have you ever noticed that donkeys together are generally content? Due to their social dynamic of being part of a herd they feel safe and this can be used to treat us too!

We can feel so disconnected from others that we then cannot cope with the busyness of life. It is proven that time spent with animals, petting them, brushing or caring for them releases serotonin - the happy hormone.

anxiety, depression and stress

Due to the increase in serotonin from stroking animals, this in turn reduces feelings of worry and anxiety


 It has been found that those with autism can build a rapport with donkeys improving focus and mental stability


The donkeys help the elderly recover old memories. We find that the smell and feel of them are excellent triggers

learning difficulties

Working with donkeys can strengthen one's focus, self-confidence and problem solving ability

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