Four Generations of Donkey-Loving

Donkeys have run through the Wallace family for generations. From Great-Granny Millar (left), who had such an affinity with animals. Then to her son, Leslie, who had an interest in carpentry. He built and renovated many of the carriages we still use today!

Now we have Amanda Wallace, she rode and cared for her three donkeys: Mickey-Finn, Milly-Molly-Mandy and Lucy. 

Finally we have her two boys, Robert (me) and Tristan!

Our passion is donkeys and our goal, to promote the donkey in this day and age. We believe that this humble and intelligent creature is misrepresented and deserves to be appreciated.

As they have carried us for generations we think it only right to carry their future.


We are based on an old dairy farm, holding at one time, 100 Jersey cows!

Then it was known as Chestnut Farm as on the grounds grows a huge chestnut tree. This tree was planted by Grandfather Wallace nearly a century ago... still depositing conkers each season.

The herd was known as Kinedale Jerseys when Amanda and her husband Richard farmed, they had pigs and Suffolk sheep too! Now that prefix has been transferred to the donkeys, it harks back to the local land known as "Ballykine". "Town of cows" is the literal translation and "Kinedale" therefore means "cow valley", quite fitting knowing the farm's history.


I am Robert, Amanda and Richard's first son, I began this "business" when I was twenty-one years old. I say business loosely as is it really a job if it's your passion?

My first foal was given to me as a toddler, on my first birthday. Her name was Muffin and she began my obsession with donkeys. I have some of her great-granddonkeys on the farm and continue to work and improve the bloodlines today.

I learnt to carriage drive at age six with Denis, who was originally just a companion donkey for my pony. Since then I have dedicated my life to proving that anything a horse can do, a donkey can do better.


 The donkey's history inspires me, a humble beast of burden from Africa, that were transported all over the world by the Romans and adapting to everything set before them. Donkeys have so many admirable qualities and I am proud and privileged to work with these beautfiful animals.