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Farm Visits

Join us in Ballynahinch for a host of heritage activities.

See demonstrations of harnessing up donkeys and driving them to original farm equipment. Learn of the history of farming and agriculture in Ulster and Ireland.

Get the chance to shear sheep, milk goats and collect eggs and discover the traditions of farming animals in yesteryear.

Dig for potatoes and uncover the history of horticulture and arable farming.

True Hands-On Learning

-groups of 5-32

-tailored to subjects for     KS2-5

-10% discount for groups of 15 or more

-teaching staff free

-half day or full day available

-ploughman's lunch available upon request

-prices start at £12pp for 2024

Fill out the form below for accurate quote and availability


Offsite Visits

Bring the donkeys to you, with harness and friends for a live action demonstration

The talk can be tailored to historical and scientific subjects for KS2-5.

Learn of how the donkey came to Ireland and helped shape the rural land, his involvement with the mechanisation of farming and civil life today.

Other animals can be brought too for more immersive learning on where  milk and wool comes from and how to care for our feathered friends.

-duration of demo from 30 mins to 2 hours

-groups of 5-35 are most effective

-large assembly discussions are possible

-travel up to 150 miles and into ROI

-options without animals available to reduce cost

-prices start at £195 for first hour for 2024

Fill out form below for accurate quote and availability

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Learning at any age

We present to groups and clubs too

Get in touch for Demonstrative Talks with or without the donkeys!

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