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Give someone the gift of a donkey experience!


Join us for a goat-filled meditation session in the barn! Mindfulness and working with animals goes hand-in-hand, reducing stress and anxiety with the release of serotonin and dopamine. Begin the session meeting our friendly pygmy goats, including our little baby kids! Then settle yourself on the floor and prepare to focus on yourself through breathing exercises all while our goats race around you. You're welcome to hold and cuddle them along your journey. We will conduct gentle stretches, focusing on control of your body to exercise control of your mind. These sessions are perfect for zeroing in on yourself, setting aside the stresses of the hectic modern world. We hope the goats can give you the giggles and when the session is over you're welcome to meet the other animals and enjoy some refreshments (non-caffeinated teas). -60 minute session -Wear comfortable outfit or gym clothing -Bring a reusable mug (we would really appreciate this) -We will provide exercise mats/cushions

Goat Meditation

  • Date of expiry will be one year from date of purchase. The value can be used for other bookings or products. 

    After purchase the voucher will be posted to you within 3 working days, alternatively you can place the recipient's address on the item upon checkout.

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